MissionWe shape ideas of winners.

Packing by packing,
plastic part by plastic part

That is the mission of SAUER. This is what our heart beats for and what motivates us day after day - in everything we do.

The foundation for success

Every single plastic part we develop and produce has to meet the following criteria. Does the realization of the idea make our customer a winner? Is the design appealing and feasible? Is our production state of the art and economically viable? Do we produce under environmentally friendly conditions and use sustainable materials? If we do not meet these criteria, then the product will have no chance of long-term success and will not be realized by us.

The recipe for success

But no matter how interesting and lucrative a project idea may sound in advance, it is worthless to us if our business partners - customers and suppliers - do not enjoy it later. That's why we work hard to ensure the success of these projects, because we can then be proud of our daily work and our company. This positive effect of pleased customers, suppliers and employees creates a better quality of life for everyone - a driver for additional success. We want as many people as possible to benefit from our performance and products, thus generating mutual appreciation, which is the secret of a pleasant and long-term business relationship.

Because who wants to shape ideas of winners, must first understand that there is more to do than working to rule.

VisionSmart, adaptive, sustainable

These are the ideal dimensions of the factory of the future.

In our factory of the future we are always one step ahead, a few levels above others. 
This applies to people, machines and buildings.


Our team is well trained to operate the most advanced machines and to deal with future technologies. This creates a new relationship between man and machine, which is more cooperative than competitive. As a result, productivity and quality increase significantly at the advanced, adaptive workplaces.


Our digital manufacturing process is automated and highly adaptive. This enables a higher efficiency in production, a minimization of downtimes and an optimization of the material flow.


People, machines and buildings form a sustainable unit. The equipment of the machines and buildings is highly modern and energy-efficient. In our plants we only process environmentally friendly materials or materials that belong to a recycling cycle. People act as a connector and ensure smooth interaction and maximum conservation of resources with their model behavior and respectful approach to the environment.

Using our decades of experience in the model processing of plastics, we are shaping our company into what it is - a factory of the future with products for winners.