Weshape the
future of
our planet

Our heart's desire

Respect our planet – do not live from it but in harmony and friendship with it. 

For Sauer, this means that we do not want to grow at the expense of our most valuable resources - man and environment - but only take what we have at our disposal. Thus, one of our most important goals is that man, machine and building form a sustainable unit on our planet.

Our passion

Our passion is to always be one step ahead, a few levels above others.

For this reason, we enable our experts to realize their visionary sustainability ideas at Sauer. The results are highly efficient and in some cases serve as global role models.

Our projects

Our team's ideas and commitment to sustainability are diverse and extraordinary. Thanks to our projects, we are improving life on the planet and reducing our carbon footprint.

More than 95% of our products are already made from recyclable virgin material or from recycled material. But that is not enough for us. We give additional importance to ensure that our products are manufactured, packaged and delivered in a sustainable and environmentally friendly working environment to improve their environmental performance and quality.

For the health of our planet, the best energy is the energy that is not used at all.

Back in 2013, we decided to introduce an energy management system in compliance with DIN ISO 50001. Since then, we have become even more conscious in our use of energy and many new projects have been created as a result.

  • Upgrade to LED lighting and switching of lighting control from momentary-action to presence-sensing operation in areas not permanently in use.
  • Upgrade to electric production and metalworking machines
  • Optimization of the compressor environment
  • Renewal of the material transport system
  • Continuous improvement of the building thermal insulation

A concept without any waste – just like in nature.

The basic idea is to imitate nature. To achieve the maximum with as little energy as possible, recycling everything to not produce waste.

With an energy-saving overall concept for air-conditioning, SHEV and daylight technology as well as heat recovery, we started this idea with foresight back in 2003. Since then, we have consistently invested in this future-oriented project and have continued to develop it further.

Our process - all in the green.

At Sauer, all departments make their contribution to sustainability. We repeatedly examine our processes in order to improve environmental performance and environmental quality.

Use of environmentally friendly, recyclable as well as recycled materials, preferably from local suppliers 

Investments in energy-saving equipment , e.g. electric machines, special extruders, servo pumps

closed water cycles, use of spring water for cooling (= no waste of drinking water), investment in energy-saving equipment, blowing pressure and blowing air reduction

Reducing weight, recycling production waste, sensible sequencing of material and color changes, keeping types consistent, consulting on product design

Development of sustainable reusable packaging, reduction of packaging through hood stretchers

Heating with production heat >> thermally CO2-free buildings

full trucks, preferably local forwarding companies

Sustainability in every detail

Not only energy saving, environmental protection, preservation of resources and recycling of raw materials are among our goals, but also an ideal and safe working environment for our employees, and the smooth integration of our buildings into the natural environment.

Our goals

We want to show respect to our planet by acting attentively and not defying the rules of nature.

We will realize further sustainable and interesting ideas and continuously improve ourselves so that many more generations can live together in harmony and friendship on and with our planet.


cut energy consumption per year


max. share of drinking water of total consumption


Less waste per year